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    • Heating of magnetic fluid systems driven by circularly polarized magnetic field 

      Ahsen, O. O.; Yilmaz, U.; Aksoy, M. Deniz; Ertas, G.; Atalar, Ergin (Elsevier BV * North-Holland, 2010)
      A theory is presented to calculate the heat dissipation of a magnetic suspension, a ferrofluid, driven by circularly polarized magnetic field. Theory is tested by in vitro experiments and it is shown that, regardless of ...
    • Specific absorption rate reduction using nonlinear gradient fields 

      Kopanoglu, E.; Yilmaz, U.; Gokhalk, Y.; Atalar, Ergin (Wiley, 2013)
      The specific absorption rate is used as one of the main safety parameters in magnetic resonance imaging. The performance of imaging sequences is frequently hampered by the limitations imposed on the specific absorption ...