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    • Novel predistortion algorithm for OFDMA 

      Ali, S.; Markarian, G.; Arıkan, Erdal (IEEE, 2009)
      The RF amplifier in a wireless communication system is usually non-linear in nature. If such an amplifier is used in OFDMA based systems, it will cause serious degradation. This degradation will be both in terms of the ...
    • Signal combining in LINC amplifier using Alamouti codes 

      Ali S.; Adebisi, B.; Markarian, G.; Arikan, E. (IEEE, 2010-09-09)
      The linear amplification with nonlinear components (LINC) amplification method is discussed. A novel way of combing the equi-magnitude signals is presented. This method uses the space time 2 × 1 Alamouti code for combining ...