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    • Controlled lateral and perpendicular motion of atoms on metal surfaces 

      Buldum, Alper (Bilkent University, 1994)
      Nanoscale modification of matter has been the subject of interest. Recently, several experimental studies have demonstrated that by using a scanning tunneling microscope one can translate atoms on metal surfaces to a ...
    • Microscopic aspects of friction 

      Çıracı, Salim; Buldum, Alper (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997)
      In this work we first present an analysis of the interaction energy and short range forces between two parallel and atomically flat metal slabs. Using the self-consistent field pseudopotential method within the local density ...
    • Theory of atomic scale friction 

      Buldum, Alper (Bilkent University, 1998)
      Friction is an old and important but at the same time very complex physical event. This thesis aims to develop an atomic scale theory of friction. VVe investigate various atomic processes and stick-slip motion by using ...