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    • The atheistic metaphysics of cosmopolitanism 

      Alexander, James (New Europe College, 2011-10)
    • A Conjectural history of Liberalism 

      Alexander, James (Burnaby B.C.: Simon Fraser University, 2020)
      I want to argue that liberalism has an essence. I do not want to do this silently, or by taking it for granted, but by stating it plainly. Liberalism has an essence, even though it emerged contingently and perhaps even ...
    • Empire as a subject for philosophy (polis, imperium, cosmopolis) 

      Alexander, James (Cambridge University Press, 2019)
      In order to consider the question of whether empire is a subject for philosophy, I do three things. I sketch an original typology of three types of state, which I call polis, imperium and cosmopolis, in order to show that ...
    • A genealogy of political theory: A polemic 

      Alexander, James (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019)
      Here is a sketch of a genealogy of political theory for the last century. This is a genealogy in Nietzsche’s sense: therefore, neither unhistorical taxonomy, nor a history of political theory as it is written by historians, ...
    • The history of political philosophy 

      Alexander, James (Bloomsbury Academic, 2015)
    • Imitatio Pilati et Christi in modern historical drama 

      Alexander, James (Edinburgh University Press, 2014)
    • Radical, sceptical and liberal enlightenment 

      Alexander, James (Brill, 2020)
      We still ask the question ‘What is Enlightenment?’ Every generation seems to offer new and contradictory answers to the question. In the last thirty or so years, the most interesting characterisations of Enlightenment ...
    • Reaction in politics 

      Alexander, James (Brill, 2020)
      Reaction is a subject usually avoided by political theorists, since it raises awkward historical, philosophical and political questions. Perhaps philosophers of history might make better sense of it. In this article I ...
    • Socialism 

      Alexander, James (Cambridge University Press, 2015)
      Socialism is one of the three great ideologies of modern times, along with liberalism and conservatism. All three demand that politics should not be founded on tradition, authority, or religion but on reason. However, ...
    • Three ideas of the university 

      Alexander, James (Routledge, 2019)
      What is a university? In the nineteenth century John Henry Newman famously spoke of “the idea of a university.” This phrase has dominated all discussions of the nature of the university since. Most contemporary writers are ...