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    • Joint estimation and optimum encoding of depth field for 3-D object-based video coding 

      Alatan, A. Aydın; Onural, Levent (IEEE, 1996-09)
      3-D motion models can be used to remove temporal redundancy between image frames. For efficient encoding using 3-D motion information, apart from the 3-D motion parameters, a dense depth field must also be encoded to achieve ...
    • Object based 3-D motion and structure estimation 

      Alatan, A. Aydın; Onural, Levent (IEEE, 1996)
      Motion analysis is the most crucial part of object-based coding. A motion in 3-D environment can be analyzed better by using a 3-D motion model compared to its 2-D counterpart and hence may improve coding efficiency. Gibbs ...
    • Three-dimensional motion and dense-structure estimation using convex projections 

      Alatan, A. Aydın; Erdem, A. Tanju; Onural, Levent (SPIE, 1997-02)
      We propose a novel method for estimating the 3D motion and dense structure of an object form its two 2D images. The proposed method is an iterative algorithm based on the theory of projections onto convex sets (POCS) that ...