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    • Oktay Rifat şiirinde güneş'in üç hali 

      Akgül, Alphan (Bilkent University, 2005)
      The poetic transformation, which Oktay Rifat (1914-1988) has experienced since his titled Perçemli Sokak (1956), corresponds to a process moving from “language” towards “perception”. After this work Rifat used the “sun” ...
    • Yahya Kemal Beyatlı şiirinde düzyazı ve dünyevilik 

      Akgül, Alphan (Bilkent University, 2010)
      In the studies on the poems of Yahya Kemal Beyatlı (1884 - 1958), poet’s intention is regarded as a literary criterion. This point of view gives rise to the contradictions, inconsistencies and deficiencies that are ...