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    • Issues and challenges facing Education in Turkey 

      Akşit, Necmi; Sands, Margaret (Sense Publishers, 2006)
      Turkey is situated between east and west. It has a history of 80 years as a republic, founded by Atatiirk who ensured that the country was shorn of its old customs and ideas and turned instead to the west. It is currently ...
    • Turkey 2010: transforming education to meet challenges 

      Akşit, Necmi (Information Age Publishing, 2008)
      This chapter discusses the state of education in Turkey and the emergence of new key ideas within the framework of one of the strategic goals of the Lisbon 2010 Strategy: improving the quality and effectiveness of education ...
    • Turkey: paradigm change in education 

      Akşit, Necmi; Sands, Margaret (Information Age Publishing, 2006)
      Teaching in Turkish schools has long been delivered in a teacher-centred way. The means of assessment also has been traditional, and because the major examinations are used for entry to quality schools and ultimately to ...