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    • Adaptive routing on the new switch chip for IBM SP systems 

      Abali, B.; Stunkel, C. B.; Herring, J.; Banikazemi, M.; Panda, D. K.; Aykanat, Cevdet; Aydogan, Y. (Academic Press, 2001)
      The IBM RS/6000 SP is one of the most successful commercially available multicomputers. SP owes its success partially to the scalable, high bandwidth, low latency network. This paper describes the architecture of Switch2 ...
    • Adaptive source routing in multistage interconnection networks 

      Aydoğan, Yücel; Stunkel, C. B.; Aykanat, Cevdet; Abali, B. (IEEE, 1996-04)
      We describe the adaptive source routing (ASR) method which is a first attempt to combine adaptive routing and source routing methods. In ASR, the adaptivity of each packet is determined at the source processor. Every packet ...
    • Balanced parallel sort on hypercube multiprocessors 

      Abali, B.; Özgüner, F.; Bataineh, A. (IEEE, 1993)
      A parallel sorting algorithm for sorting n elements evenly distributed over Zd = p nodes of a d-dimensional hypercube is presented. The average running time of the algorithm is O( (n log n)/p + p log2 n). The algorithm ...