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    • 4-generated pseudo symmetric monomial curves with not Cohen–Macaulay tangent cones 

      Şahin, Nil (TUBITAK, 2020)
      In this article, standard bases of some toric ideals associated to 4-generated pseudo symmetric semigroups with not Cohen-Macaulay tangent cones at the origin are computed. As the tangent cones are not Cohen-Macaulay, ...
    • Betti numbers for certain Cohen–Macaulay tangent cones 

      Şahin, M.; Şahin, Nil (Cambridge University Press, 2019)
      We compute Betti numbers for a Cohen–Macaulay tangent cone of a monomial curve in the affine 4-space corresponding to a pseudo-symmetric numerical semigroup. As a byproduct, we also show that for these semigroups, being ...
    • On pseudo symmetric monomial curves 

      Şahin, M.; Şahin, Nil (Taylor & Francis, 2018)
      We study monomial curves, toric ideals and monomial algebras associated to 4-generated pseudo symmetric numerical semigroups. Namely, we determine indispensable binomials of these toric ideals, give a characterization ...