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    • Parametric identification of Hybrid Linear-Time-Periodic Systems 

      Uyanık, İ.; Saranlı U.; Morgϋl, Ö.; Ankaralı, M. M. (Elsevier B.V., 2016)
      In this paper, we present a state-space system identification technique for a class of hybrid LTP systems, formulated in the frequency domain based on input-output data. Other than a few notable exceptions, the majority ...
    • Practical threshold signatures with linear secret sharing schemes 

      Bozkurt, İlker Nadi; Kaya, Kamer; Selçuk, Ali Aydın (Springer, 2009-06)
      Function sharing deals with the problem of distribution of the computation of a function (such as decryption or signature) among several parties. The necessary values for the computation are distributed to the participating ...
    • Purkinje images: conveying different content for different luminance adaptations in a single image 

      Arpa, S.; Ritschel, T.; Myszkowski, K.; Çapin, T.; Seidel, Hans-Peter (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2015)
      Providing multiple meanings in a single piece of art has always been intriguing to both artists and observers. We present Purkinje images, which have different interpretations depending on the luminance adaptation of the ...
    • Reducing latency cost in 2D sparse matrix partitioning models 

      Selvitopi, O.; Aykanat, C. (Elsevier BV, 2016)
      Sparse matrix partitioning is a common technique used for improving performance of parallel linear iterative solvers. Compared to solvers used for symmetric linear systems, solvers for nonsymmetric systems offer more ...
    • Robust fault detection by simultaneous observers 

      Ammar, Nejib (Bilkent University, 2000)
      This thesis addresses the problem of fault detection and isolation in linear systems based on unknown input observers. Functional disturbance decoupled observers which estimate specified or unspecified linear functions ...
    • The solution of large EFIE problems via preconditioned multilevel fast multipole algorithm 

      Malas, Tahir; Gürel, Levent (Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2007)
      We propose an effective preconditioning scheme for the iterative solution of the systems formulated by the electric- field integral equation (EFIE). EFIE is notorious for producing difficult-to-solve systems. Especially, ...
    • Sparse signal reconstruction with ellipsoid enlargement 

      Gürbüz A.C.; Pilanci, M.; Arikan, O. (2011)
      In this work a novel method for reconstructing sparse x in a noisy full rank linear system such as b = Ax + n is developed. The proposed method depends on enlarging the ellipsiod defined by the data constraint
    • Stability Analysis of systems with distributed delays and application to hematopoietic cell maturation dynamics 

      Özbay, H.; Bonnet, C.; Clairambault, J. (2008)
      We consider linear systems with distributed delays where delay kernels are assumed to be finite duration impulse responses of finite dimensional systems. We show that stability analysis for this class of systems can be ...
    • Structured least squares with bounded data uncertainties 

      Pilanci, M.; Arikan, O.; Oguz, B.; Pinar, M. C. (2009)
      In many signal processing applications the core problem reduces to a linear system of equations. Coefficient matrix uncertainties create a significant challenge in obtaining reliable solutions. In this paper, we present a ...
    • Uncertainty and dissipation 

      Carcaterra, A.; Akay, Adnan (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 2012-09)
      This paper discusses the question of the energy confinement in mechanical structures in the light of the uncertainties affecting the natural frequencies of the system. More precisely, recent studies have shown that energy ...